Sunday, January 24, 2010

A long long time coming:)

So here is what happens when you spend a week watching Tim Holtz on Youtube:)

Baby Things I Made!

I'm not quite Martha but I gave it a good go.  I think now everyone can watch the videos.  It has been awhile since I posted one so I forgot a few key steps!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Christmas Cards!

Here is where I found the ticket corner frame.  I did have to take the middle out in inkscape so that it wasn't a thin frame.

Snow Swirled from Stampin Up!
Swirly Christmas from Inkadinkado

Can't seem to find where I got the top notch type die...I'll keep looking.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey all!

I'm having all sorts of trouble editing my videos from my digital camera.  I think a Flip is on my Christmas list.  I've been so frustrated trying to convert a .mov file into something that I can edit on Windows Movie Maker or even edit in the Kodak software.  I've even been on the phone with Kodak to get some help but it just isn't working.  I've decided that I really need to look at myself before I go in front of the camera, I look like death warmed over! 

Weight Loss Update:  Well, last Saturday I lost .6 pounds since July 9th.  That was the last time I weighed in.  OUCH!  I didn't gain so that was good.  I have been working out like a crazy person.  I even took two x-bike classes two days!  I feel so good too because I wasn't sore.  I ended up getting like 15 activity points both those days.  So I'm hoping to see it pay off a little better than it did last week.  I have been running to my WW meetings which is 3 miles from my house and running home after that.  I just have to remember that the plan works if I work it!

Well, I sitting here enjoying my clean I really want to start doing something?  I should finish my cards!  So maybe I'll make a video of that. Thanks for watching and reading!

Scraproom video #3

Scraproom video #2

Voovoo Page

Voovoo Page
We lost one of the greats today.

Cricut Cozy.

Cricut Cozy.
Here's the REVERSIBLE Cricut Cozy that I made for my friend Patti. The accessory bag shows the inverse side. Totally fun to make.

"My Pink Stamper" RAD Challenge

"My Pink Stamper" RAD Challenge
My Project Post

The photos are supposed to look like Peter Parker took them.